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Anime North 2014 Con Report!

Wed May 28, 2014, 3:52 PM

Friday was pretty hectic! On the way to the Crowne for Anime North I got a call in my cell about a room which randomly opened up in the Radisson! So of course we jumped right on that, woo-hoo top floor!

I called to cancel my reservation at the Crowne and off we went to the closest hotel possible~ We checked in at 3 and I ended up camping out in my hotel until about 5 or 6 and put on my Aoba cosplay, after which I ran around making deliveries. = A =; It was a lot warmer than I thought it would be. Eventually my Clear showed up and we got quite a few photos around the con... most of which have been eaten up and I have yet to see them despite handing out so many CosCards. OTL

Saturday started off bring and early, holy shit. We woke up at 6 and could NOT fall back to sleep. So I put on Howl with plenty of time to spare while my roomates were freaking out about their cosplay... Went to Cafe Delish with Senpai for the first time, it was a lot of fun and Taiga was our Maid. = u = Went back to change into impromptu Yosuke because both Phin and I were both supposed to cosplay Souji but I decided that I didn't mind playing second banana, besides it made for better pictures. We got stopped a lot for photos and hung out with the rest of our cosplay group who were cosplaying Kill la Kill as well as Hans from Frozen. Then we attended the Atlus shoot which was, seriously, meeting other fans was great. We tried to go to the indoor rave but it ended super early, spent most of the night hanging out with league friends.

Sunday started much later and we were mostly in a huge panic to get ready + pack + clean. We managed to SOMEHOW make the check-out time at noon. I snapped a few shots with my friends who were all cosplaying Dangan Ronpa and reprised Naegi one more time. Then I was lucky enough to get a ride hook-up and get a drive back home, unfortunately that meant leaving at 2 pm. ; n ;

It was a fun Anime North, the con felt vast and sprawling with the new lay-out and I couldn't help but feel that I missed out on a lot. It was hard to meet people. I saw facebook posts and such but unless I specifically planned to meet someone at a location (and even so a few plans fell through) it was nearly impossible. It felt like there were two conventions happening simultaneously and the other one was in another dimension. ; A ; I'm pretty happy with the amount of shoots and I definitely will plan my time more wisely~

My next event is the Centre Island picnic and my next convention is Con Bravo~

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I'm a person, I'm Asian... what can I say? This page is used mainly for my cosplay. I'm a bit blunt, but I'm very friendly! I mean well, you know? I try to be civil and play nice most of the time so feel free to contact me! Oh, and I'm a Canadian!

Upcoming conventions that I will be attending:
1. Unplugged Expo
2. Youmacon

Previous conventions that I have attended:
1. Anime North 2011: May 27 to 29 2011
2. FanExpo 2011: August 26 2011
3. DTAC: December 11 2011
4. MTAC/TorontoComicon: March 11 2012
5. Wizard World Comic Con: April 15 2012
6. Anime North 2012: May 25 to 27 2012
7. Fan Expo 2012: August 25 to 26 2012
9. Unplugged! Expo: September 22 to 23 2012
10. Ochiba~Con: September 29-30 2012
11. DTAC: December 9 2012
12. Frostcon: January 27 2013
13. MTAC: March 9-10 2013
14. Anime North 2013: May 24-26 2013
15. Fan Expo: August 24, 2013
16. Ochiba~Con: October 5. 2013
17. Unplugged Expo: October 27, 2013
18. Frost Con: December 14, 2013
19. March Toronto ComiCon: March 8, 2014
20. Costume-Con 32: April 25, 2014
21. Anime North: May 23-25, 2014
22. Con Bravo: July 18-19, 2014
23: Fan Expo 2014: August 30-31, 2014

Completed cosplays:
1. Kaname from Vampire Knight
2. Kaito from Eager Love Revenge
3. Kaito from Matryoshka
4. Kaito from Magnet
5. Zero from Vampire Knight
6. Homura from Madoka Magica
7. Twilight Sparkle from MLP
8. Zoey from L4D (WIP)
9. Lelouch from Code Geass
10. Gilgamesh from Fate Zero
11. Naegi from Dangan Ronpa
12. Alexander (OC)
13. Aoba from DRAMAtical Murder
14. Souji Seta from Persona 4
15. Yosuke Hanamura from Persona 4
16. Marshall Lee from Adventure Time

Upcoming cosplays:
1. Gin from Hotarubi no Mori e
2. Howl from Howl's Moving Castle

Ethnicity: Chinese

Horoscope: Scorpio/Horse

Likes: Anime/Manga, Drawing, Reading, Listening to Music, K-pop (especially SHINee!) Watching lots and lots of Movies and Television, Playing Video Games, Cosplay, Taking pictures of myself

Loves: Happy Endings, Harry Potter, Daydreaming, Conquering Fears, Making Friends, Being accepted for myself, Sushi, Bubble Tea, Big Macs, The Colour Blue, The Internet, Long musings, Epic Voyages, Thunderstorms (while I’m inside), Disney- Pixar- and Dreamworks- Movies

A bit obsessed with: Alice in Wonderland


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